What will you do for the Int’l Day of Action Against Global Warming?

EJCC Delegates head to Bali in time for the International Day of Action Against Global Warming.

Contact: Oriana Bolden FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

(m) 510.593.7395

(510) 444-3041 ext. 368 voicemail

December 3, 2007
Oakland, CA

No hoax, youth of color demand Climate Justice from the U.S. by going to the U.N.

Small but potent (youth) delegation heads to Bali, Indonesia to represent U.S. communities of color, Indigenous peoples and low-income people with a demand for climate justice.

December 3rd through the 14th, 2007, the United Nations COP13/MOP3 will be held in Bali, bringing together representatives from numerous countries, the media, and observers from non-government organizations to formally discuss climate change after the Kyoto Protocol. These negotiations are particularly relevant to U.S. climate policy, given that the U.S. is one of only two major greenhouse gas emitting countries that has not yet signed on to the Kyoto Protocol. Additionally, it must be said that current potential legislation against climate change, namely Lieberman/ Warner, “sets low initial targets and is counterproductive,” according to EJCC Director, Nia Robinson.

EJCC, represented by 4 young people from key communities most affected by climate change, will focus its efforts on alerting representatives at this year’s COP/MOP in Bali that, 1. There is a grassroots movement for climate action in the U.S., 2. Declaring that just climate policy must reflect the needs of Indigenous, African-American, Latino, Asian, and low-income communities, and 3. Asserting that youth must have a voice in all future climate negotiations.

Founded in 2000 shortly after the U.N. climate negotiations at The Hague, Netherlands (COP 6) EJCC is a coalition of organizations doing on-the-ground climate and environmental justice work in the United States. Currently EJCC is the only organization in the U.S. that trains and supports young leaders in climate justice activism, through it’s program the Climate Justice Corps. EJCC’s 10 Principles for Climate Justice are the measuring stick by which all U.S. and international climate policy should be evaluated.


If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview with Nia Robinson, Director of EJCC, or any other delegation member, please contact Oriana Bolden at (m) 510.593.7395 or media@ejcc.org


2 Responses to “What will you do for the Int’l Day of Action Against Global Warming?”

  1. 1 orianabolden December 5, 2007 at 10:58 pm

    (Los Angeles, CA)
    International Day of Action Against Global Warming
    December 5, 2007@ 3:30 PM
    Wilshire & Western

    December 5, 2007
    3:30 PM
    Wilshire & Western
    Bus Riders Union
    Press Conference
    & Rally

    Helps us build this day against Global Warming

    For more information
    please contact:

    (213) 387-2800

    3780 Wilshire Blvd. #1200
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

  2. 2 orianabolden December 6, 2007 at 7:30 pm

    Canada (HEARTS) Climate Action
    [repost from It’s Getting Hot in Here!- http://itsgettinghotinhere.org/ ]

    “So far, 33 communities across Canada are organizing actions for the International Day of Climate Action on December 8, timed for the midpoint of the UN Climate Negotiations. But more important than the number, is where these actions are being organized. This year, its not just the big cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, etc. There’s an action in almost every provincial capital (maybe Victoria felt scooped by Vancouver?), plus 5 other actions throughout New Brunswick, 5 more in British Columbia. There’s North Bay, Ontario, which is, like it sounds, a rural Northern Ontario community. Of these, youth are among the primary organizers in about a quarter, and will be prominent in attendance at all. (You should go right now and find your rally at: http://www.climatechaos.ca)”

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