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Random Transit Convo #1
December 10, 2007
By Jihan Gearon

Here at the COP/MOP you can meet lots of interesting people and have lots of interesting conversations just riding the shuttle between the BICC (Bali International Convention Center) and the Grand Hyatt, where the side events are being held. Today I sat next to a man from Uganda. Our conversation started the way all conversations start here – “where are you from?”

When he found out I was from the U.S. he asked, “why isn’t climate change a major issue in your presidential debate?” I told him I thought it was because all of our presidential candidates would rather focus on the need for U.S. energy independence. That means they have in interest in continuing the use of fossil fuels. I think there are probably more reasons than that, but that’s the first one that popped into my mind. Then I started asking him questions.

Question: What are you wanting to come out of the COP/MOP?
Answer: Stopping the use of fossil fuels and using more renewable energy.

Question: What do you think of nuclear power?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What do you think of carbon trading?
Answer: It’s okay, but not enough. It doesn’t stop the use of fossil fuels, especially from the main polluters and that’s what we need.

Question: How is climate change affecting where you’re from?
Answer: Floods. We are having more floods when we used to have none, even during the dry season. When I was young we didn’t have anything like it, but now we do. Just a little while ago there was a flood that came our of nowhere and many people died. About 60 people died and a lot of homes were destroyed.

More or less. By then, our bus ride was over and we parted ways. I wish I had interviewed him with the camera. It’s always good for me to hear from people who have a good knowledge of where they’re from and can attest to how they’re local environment is changing. And it’s also good for me to hear that they understand what real solutions we need – less fossil fuel use from the rich countries.



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12. 11.07

Where my People at?

By Nia Robinson, EJCC Director

At least once a day I scan the crowd of the convention center. Sprinklings and clusters of brown faces in an overwhelming sea of whiteness.  There is a feeling of aloneness. I am surrounded by this and can’t but wonder why there aren’t more people of African descent here at the COP.  Surely African governments have sent their delegations, but where is an African grassroots presence?  Not only form Africa but from the global Diaspora as well.  From Africa to Brazil to the Caribbean to the US, black folks are suffering and feeling the effects of climate change but here at the COP there no space made for black people to come together and show solidarity with each other.

How do we as members of the African Diaspora work across not only state and country lines, but continental lines as well?  A Pan-African Caucus if you will. We must, like the Indigenous Peoples caucus stand together to combat this issue from New Orleans to Bahia to the Sudan.  I don’t know how to go about this, but I am committed to figuring this out.


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