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12. 11.07

Where my People at?

By Nia Robinson, EJCC Director

At least once a day I scan the crowd of the convention center. Sprinklings and clusters of brown faces in an overwhelming sea of whiteness.  There is a feeling of aloneness. I am surrounded by this and can’t but wonder why there aren’t more people of African descent here at the COP.  Surely African governments have sent their delegations, but where is an African grassroots presence?  Not only form Africa but from the global Diaspora as well.  From Africa to Brazil to the Caribbean to the US, black folks are suffering and feeling the effects of climate change but here at the COP there no space made for black people to come together and show solidarity with each other.

How do we as members of the African Diaspora work across not only state and country lines, but continental lines as well?  A Pan-African Caucus if you will. We must, like the Indigenous Peoples caucus stand together to combat this issue from New Orleans to Bahia to the Sudan.  I don’t know how to go about this, but I am committed to figuring this out.



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  1. 1 orianabolden December 18, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    [This also recently in from Nia; written while she was in Bali]

    Press is no Pressure for the USA

    So by now, most of us at home know that the UN climate talks (COP13/MOP3) are happening right now. Hey, but I bet that if it wasn’t numbered some folks might be giving Mr. Inconvenient Truth credit for the entire world being climate conscious. For the first time that I can remember in this work, every major news station and internet site in the US is carrying the international story. Hell, both my grannies who are over 70 know about it (I guess I’ll take some of the credit for that).

    Climate change and the push to go GREEN is everywhere. CNN is running countless segments on the issue, companies like E-surance are reminding us about our carbon footprint and stations like NBC are fusing lines about energy efficiency and compact fluorescent light bulbs into ER segments during their “Green Week”. So I HAVE to ask WHY? Why, if it’s all over the news and the US public is more aware of climate change than they’ve ever been, is the US not willing to significantly participate in COP13/MOP3? Sure, there was the President’s Major Emitters Conference in September, and the US State Department boast about it’s international work and partnerships in their glossy US Actions to Address: Energy Security, Clean Development and Climate Change booklet proudly displaying nuclear power plants and the round innocent faces of smiling, black children, one even missing a few teeth.

    But it’s important that we all know the truth. As the Kyoto Protocol turned ten years old this week, it is painfully clear that the climate mentality of the US has not matured and that any “action” that they have taken up to this point has been a façade, a cover-up, a horrible attempt to halt any international progress on this issue.

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