EJCC False Solutions Statement

By Nia Robinson

The Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative stands in solidarity with climate justice advocates worldwide calling for real change and the abandonment of false solutions. Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM’s) and other industry driven solutions are oppressive on both ends, disproportionately harming communities that are the most vulnerable to the causes and effects of climate change. CDM’s allow corporations in the North to continue polluting people of color, Indigenous Peoples and low income communities while offsetting their emissions through investments in projects that devastate communities in the global south. The CDM is just one in a laundry list of flawed mitigation options.

EJCC rejects false solutions such as offsets, nuclear energy, and “clean” coal technology that continue to exacerbate existing problems of inequity and environmental degradation. Real solution to the climate crisis require investments in renewable energy, a just transition for workers, and involvement of communities in the decision making process. From the Capitol to the COP in Copenhagen, EJCC will work to advance solutions that offer the opportunity for real energy independence, freedom from fossil fuel addiction and a rebound from a global recession into the New Green Economy.

The Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (EJCC) has been at the forefront of reframing the climate change debate to focus on equity and justice in the U.S. since 2001. EJCC is a diverse coalition working to amplify the voices of marginalized COMMUNITIES unduly burdened by the causes and effects of climate change. EJCC will distribute it’s newest report “A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and a Just Climate Policy for the U.S.,” in Poznan.


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